Missing a Friend

I am not good with good byes. I have a tendency to avoid the person that is leaving…I know that is terrible but it is true. I can chat on the phone, text, message, email but face to face is a no go. So, when my friend told me several weeks ago that her husband was being transferred to Quebec, I was devastated, to say the least. Though we haven’t been friends for years, we have become very close. I decided that I wouldn’t do my normal ‘thing’ and avoid her…..it was hard, especially the last week but I ‘sucked it up’ and was a ‘big girl’…lol…..I said good bye to her (face to face) on Friday and gave her a card I made her.

This is the card, very simple with some brown satin ribbon and butterflies cut out of Kraft card stock.

It was hard to see her leave.

Miss you Kim 😦

Thanks for peeking in!


1 thought on “Missing a Friend

  1. Ahhh..Mel, I miss you more. I love the card and have it sitting on my desk here in front of me. Thank you for not avoiding me!!! lol

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