So sorry I have been away!!!

Hello all, I am so sorry that I have been MIA for over a month.  I developed Vertigo, last month which it made impossible to function let along create and then my computer died.  I mourned the death of my faithful laptop but with the help of my dear Dad ( I will never receive another Christmas or Birthday gift ever) I am happy to report that I am typing this on my new baby.  I also had some blog issues in February that has forced a switch to WordPress so I am working the kinks out of that as well.  I do have a few projects to share with you all but am still figuring out how this system works.  If you are reading this, I was successful!!!!

So, stay tuned and thanks for peeking in!


2 thoughts on “So sorry I have been away!!!

  1. Hey Mel, I found you!! it was so nice to see you on Saturday. I always look forward to seeing you! I am sorry to hear about your issues with vertigo I know how miserable that is. If I don’t see you before the weekend (I am away in Sydney Cape Breton for the next couple of days)… All the best for the crop weekend! I am sure everyone will have a great time!

  2. Hi Joann, I am so long responding to your comment. This week has been CRAZY helping Kim getting ready for her crop. Have a great few days away. If you find yourself in Port Hawksbury, drop in and see us. We have the entire store with us (including the new Cherry Lynn and Memory Box dies).

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