Use What You Have…

Good evening crafters, I hope that you are all having a good evening.  I did some tidying tonight and some purging.  I am really coming to the conclusion that I am a craft hoarder.  In the rest of my life, I am constantly wanting purge things and move them along when I no longer need them, dishes, clothing, even personal card products that I no longer use but with crafting, I am a HOARDER!!! I went through some of my die cuts tonight.  Things that I have cut out, or been given and never used.  Along with that, I went through my scrap bin.  A few months ago, I adapted my storage and borrowed my friend Lillian’s storage.  She uses the extra extra large Ziplock bags (or the dollar store version) and she divided her scraps up by color and stored them in a basket on the floor next to her desk.  I grabbed that idea and ran with it.  But what I discovered is that I was filling and filling that die cut bin and the bags of scraps and not really using them.  So today, I went through my scraps and purged them (and for anyone knows my LOVE of paper), it was hard to do.  I reduced my stash to a third of the size and after the initial anxiety over getting rid of it (I had hubby take the bin of paper out to the Green bin so I wouldn’t change my mind…lol).  It felt great…well, OK, it felt OK to do…lol.

What I created after the purge was a card (to prove to myself that I made a good decision).  Here is a peek at what I created:

recycle cardEverything on the card (except the stick pin, that I did make tonight as well) came from my die cut bin and my scrap paper.

I was pleased as anything with the results.  I finished off the card with a sentiment from a stamp set that I haven’t used in a few months, some bling from my stash and a bow made with some ribbon and tulle from my stash.  Even the flower with is in the die cut bin, all I had to do was add the bling to the center.

I challenge everyone to do the same.  Use it up ladies, we can get more paper when this is gone!

Thanks for peeking in!


6 thoughts on “Use What You Have…

  1. Love the color combinations….I use pizza boxes for my left over scraps. Then when my nieces or friends come over I let them use whatever is in the boxes. It’s a great way to include kids in scrapping with out having to let them use that special line I’m saving for the perfect page… know the paper we take out look at then put back into the stash :O)

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