I’ve Been Sick…Still Am

Good evening crafters, I hope that everyone is having a great weekend.  I have been really sick, flu and sinus infection, something that I have never had and NEVER want again….I am still not on my feet but it hit me today (the first day I have felt human in over a week) and it hit me that I didn’t get all of my Pinterest Inspired Easter cards posted before I was hit by the truck. So, here they are:

little girl 2 bunny butt eatten bunnies fence little girl

Thanks for peeking in!


5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Sick…Still Am

  1. Hi, Melanie, Debbie sent me over to congratulate you on The Liebster Award, so congratulations! I must say that the cards you make…make me happy! Amazed at both the effort and the joy you put into them! Feel better soon!

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