Such a Kind Gesture

Good morning crafters.  I hope that Valentine’s Day was kind to you all.  It is a cold day out there so if you have to go out, bundle up.

 A few weeks ago I was at a crop and there was a kind and talented lady there named Theresa White Richard.  She was in possession of two pads of the Graphic 45 paper pad called Couture Collection. It was so beautiful.  I was in the middle of a second flare up of my MS and my hands were affected so I spent more time watching others craft then crafting myself.  The second day of the crop, Theresa approached me and presented me with one of her beloved paper pads.  She said it was for me and when I was feeling better to make something pretty and show her.  Initially I tried to refuse it in the end I accepted her kind gift.  In the back of my mind I didn’t think that I would ever improve.  But fast forward a week and a second round of treatments and I got the use of my hand!!! I celebrated this by grabbing one of those Dollar store wooden boxes and the paper pad from Theresa and created this:

Couture Altered box

Front view of altered box

Top of altered box

Side view of the altered box

Inside the altered boxIt was so much fun to create. I was so touched that she gave me this paper.  The sad thing about this story is that my MS is again flaring this week and I have lost the use of my right hand again. So as I one hand type this as my right hand is not cooperating, I want to say a big thanks to Theresa for giving me such pleasure in creating this project.  You have such a kind soul.  Thank you!!!

Thanks for peeking in!!!


6 thoughts on “Such a Kind Gesture

  1. This story is beautiful Mel as is your creation. IF we all could be a little bit more like Theresa this world could become a better place.

  2. Theresa Richard is a wonderful crafter and a beautiful soul….
    All of us who have been touched by her friendship and kindness have truly been blessed. So glad that she was able to ignite your creativity Melanie, beautiful job!

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