One Year Check In

Good morning crafters and happy Hump Day.  It is a lovely day out there despite the humidity.  Today is my and Jim's wedding anniversary as well, today marks the one year anniversary in our weight loss journey with Weight Watchers.  This has been a rough and rocky year but despite that we have pushed through and shown results.  I keep these pictures that were taken last summer with my niece (and family) and her in laws.

 I was devasted to see them:




and today this is where I am:

1 year on wwThis has not been easy.  There have been days that I resented the WW app on my phone and Ipad but I feel that they helped to keep me on track when I was feeling weak and frustrated.  The ladies at the Thursday meeting have been a wonderful support for me. We have worked through a relapse with my MS (that continues to cause issues daily) and I have not met goal yet (25 pounds to go). To date I have lost 62.5 pounds and it still shocks me when I see that number.  It is a s-l-o-w process but I am determined to see it through. I can't say that weight loss is a walk in the park on the best of days but its a one day at a time kind of deal.

Thanks to all of you who supported us through this journey, we love you all….xoxox

Thanks for peeking in!!!!


14 thoughts on “One Year Check In

  1. Looking good girlfriend! Congratulations – keep it going.
    You and Kim should be the poster children for Weight Watchers!

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