Good morning all.  I hope that you all had a great weekend and have a great week coming up.  I can’t believe that summer is rushing to an end.  It is hard to believe.  

I wanted to pop on here to post about a fund-raiser that I am selling tickets for.

As most of you may know, I was diagnosed with MS in 2007.  This has not been the easiest of paths that I have been chosen for me to walk down.  I had a relapse on the 27th of December that has affected my mobility and daily activities.  I began a new drug treatment that we prayed would have some wonderful results, and it did until two weeks ago when my symptoms returned with a vengeance.  I am not giving up at all, it’s just another hurtle to face with this unpredictable disease.

A dear friend of mine has a very talented husband that creates handmade rocking chairs. They are a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and I LOVE them.  Well, he donated one to be raffled off with the proceeds to go to the MS Society for research in finding an end to this terrible disease.  

Here is a peek at what he created for us:

rocking  chairI am in LOVE with it to say the least and touched that he would do donate it for the raffle.

There are several of us that are selling the tickets but I am hoping to get as many people of the raffle as possible.

The tickets are 2$ each or 3/5$.  

If anyone is interested in purchasing some, please message me.


Thanks for peeking in!! Have a great day!!!






2 thoughts on “Fundraiser

  1. Morning Mel. I will take $20.00 worth. Do you need the money before my party? Judy
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