Let’s End MS!!

Good afternoon crafters and Happy Monday.  I wanted to pop on here and blog about our fundraiser that we hosted last weekend with my crafty group of friends.  This event has grown over the past three years from a tiny crop in the basement of a legion to an 81 person crop with a wait list.

Since my diagnosis of MS in 2007, my husband and I have been through the wringer so to speak ( along with my friends ).  This event began as Jim’s way of ‘DOING SOMETHING’ to make my illness better.  I truly believe that it is as hard as a care giver as it is for the person who is sick.  Most days they feel powerless.  Jim’s thought was if we did this, he was actively doing something to battle this disease.  The last two years I have had two fabulous ladies helping me to get and stay organized along with a HUGE group of volunteers(some not even crafters, Thank you Lisa, Ann,Judy, and Sam) that help to implement the vision of the event.

The past weekend we had our third crop and it was a FANTASTIC success.  Jim hoped for our total to surpass 10 000$ for the three years combined, which means a 5000$ total for Saturday and we did it!!!!!

The list of thank yous is so long, I don’t even know where to start.  From all the women who registered and paid to attend the event, the women who helped us with donations of snacks, drinks, prizes,and food.  Our day included lunch so preparing a meal for 81+++people is very daunting so the people who selflessly gave their time to help out with the meal/the clean up, and that brought food for the meal.  The women who brought family members to help set up and break down of the crop space itself was a god send!!!

I truly could go on for pages and pages about all the love and support we experienced through out the past year but I won’t.  The statement that still rings through my head and I have said several times, ‘It takes a village’ is so true.  We couldn’t do it ourselves and as a group we were a smashing success.

So I will end this blog post by saying, Thank you………

fullsizerender-18 img_8530 img_8535 img_8539 img_8541 img_8542 img_8548 img_8552


Thanks for peeking in!!!


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