Saving for Good….

Morning crafters and happy Saturday.  I hope everyone has great weekend plans.  I am starting my day around here and I thought that I would start it with a project that I created a few weeks back.

Back in February, Jim and I went home to clean out my Dad’s home to get it ready to list with our agent.  It is difficult process both physically and emotionally packing up your childhood home and discovering some ‘quirks’ that our Father had.  He saved EVERYTHING…lol….broken appliances, power cords, etc ‘JUST IN CASE’ he needed them.  We also discovered that my brother has similar quirks, which is quite cute to see our Father in him. When we got down to then end, Dad had two empty drawers to a pine desk that no longer seemed to exist.  He used them to ‘sort’ things…lol.  Darcy, who is the keeper of things was actually going to put them into the landfill pile when I stopped him and told him that I would be taking them home with me.  He looked at me like I was nuts but he put them in my car.  I knew what they were going to be, had the vision in my head.

So this:

Turned into THIS with some love and great products:

I knew that the Blazing Poppy line from Heartfelt Creations was the line that I wanted to use.  I sanded the drawer and painted it with red milk paint and then added a brown wax paint over top then sanded off the finishes with some fine sand paper.  I have tons of pictures of Dad in his uniform over the years (I am the keeper of our family photos) and though he did not serve in the military I felt the poppies were appropriate to memorialize his years in the RCMP.  He had such pride in what he did as his life’s work and anyone that knew him also knew that.  I added some of his uniform pieces to this shadow box/shelf along with the pictures I used. I also found this tea cup in our Mother’s china cabinet and finished this shelf off with that adhered to the base.  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  I went to Renovators Resource this week and picked up an vintage knob to finish off this project.  I have a second one to do, my plans this spring is to do one up for my brother as well.  So enough about this, I am off to start my day.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.  Make sure you do something for YOU, life is too short to put ourselves last.

Thanks for peeking in!!!!


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