Hello all.  It has been a long long time since I did a blog post.  Life seems hectic but lots of great things going on in my world these days.  As most of you, I attend Weight Watchers.  I have had some fabulous success with their program.  It’s not easy but anything worth while requires some work.  I have spiralled out our control and pretended everything was ok.

This year has been a year of exploration for me, mind body and spirit.  I have learned a lot and worked on ME.  After almost a year away ( and I put all the weight on that I had previously lost), I returned to Weight Watchers in January.  My friend Sandra was a huge kick in the butt that I needed to get myself back on track.

So today is my weekly meeting at the Portland Street location…….and I did it!!! I hit life time!.  This is a goal that I never truly thought that I could achieve and here it is!!! I am thankful for the program, because IT DOES WORK!!!! I am so lucky to have Melissa as a leader, who’s support and morale boosting is just what I needed some weeks when I just didn’t think that I could do it.  A shout out to the ladies who weigh me weekly, always with supportive words.  To Kelly, for being there with me through this (despite a two week vacation lol).  To Michelle S for encouraging her team to keep us motivated.  To the Thursday am group, for the support the hugs and kind words that helped me through countless MS set backs and my father’s illness and passing.  knowing each week that you would be there, gave me encouragement that I could do this!!! To Jim, My husband and partner in crime….for listening to me and not listening to me when I didn’t I could win this battle and for supporting us through this journey. I LOVE you, you are my rock.

So, where does that leave me??? Same place I was this am.  I am a weekly Weight Watcher member that will continue to go weekly.  There is no cure for weight loss.  It is. life long commitment.

Thanks to all who have followed and supported me through out this!!!

This picture is a reminder to me…..


December 2016….


And finally today…..


Thanks for peeking in!!!!




4 thoughts on “#LifeTime

  1. It is a life style not a diet. I honestly believe it’s the support that has helped you achieve the amazing goal. You really rocked it and should be super proud. Love you lots. Xo Margie.

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