My name is Melanie Bennett Rathwell.  I seem to have always loved crafting in one form or another.  I am married to my best friend, Jim.  We live together with our crazy fur cat named, Theo.  I  get a chuckle out of his antics on a daily basis.

I love to spend time with Friends crafting.  I am very lucky to have the crafty circle of friends that are in my life.  I was diagnosed with MS in 2007 and due to symptoms and medical issues relating to it, I no longer work.  I believe that paper crafting quite literally saved me when I gave up working, keeps me focused and gave me an outlet for my worries and stress.  I love to share the projects that I create, so here we are.

I enjoy blogging about my crafty adventures.

Thanks for peeking in!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mel, I hope you get this… I am so thrilled to get my memory box stuff. Thanks so much for calling to let me know. Miles told me the minute I got in the door from work and I didn’t even take my coat off, i was off to get my goodies : ) I really appreciated the call. Loving the Madera corner! Hope to see you on Saturday. Its gonna be a great day with the yard sale and Joan’s class! Can’t wait.


    • Glad you made it in and got some goodies! I hope the yard sale is a success and that there are lots of deals for everyone. Deborah (the owner of the goodies) has been on design teams for years and has an extensive collection, it may be staggering.

      • My Gosh, Mel, I just found your beautiful cards! You girls at The Garden are sooo talented; I am very lucky to live so close to that wonderful store and PEOPLE. I do hope you are back at The Garden soon; you are missed!

      • Awe shucks Sharon…thanks…I am so glad that you found me. The Garden is a lovely place to hang out and create….this is the first day in over two weeks that i didn’t have to cough my lungs out or blow my nose so I think I am on the mend~Mel~

  2. Mel, it was so great seeing you behind that counter at The Cutting Garden yesterday. I hope it means that you are back for good. I wish you a great Sunday.

    • Hi Sharon, It was nice to see you too. It is one day at a time for ….I am home flat on my back this am….my legs are really bad from the last two days helping Kim…couldn’t be there today 😦

  3. Oh Mel, I am so sorry to hear that, my dear. I hope you are up and around soon. Try and enjoy the sunny day anyway. We will see you when you are better. Take Carr.

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