A Mid Week Hello

Good afternoon crafters and Happy Hump Day.  I just thought that I would take a few minutes and pop on here and post a few cards that I created last week.  Today’s blog is being brought to you from my little deck.  Jim and I picked up a little patio set a few weeks back at Superstore.  Jim doesn’t usually take advantage of sitting out here but Theo and I sure do.

Despite living in the heart of Dartmouth, it is peaceful sitting out here.


I have really been trying to take better care of me and my health so I have been trying to ‘sit’ less.  The result is that I have been creating less and I have been missing it; that creative outlet.  So last week I spent several hours creating some cards and I am very pleased with the results.

Here is a peek at what I created:














I challenged myself to use items in my craft room that I have NEVER used before.  I thought I would struggle to find things but as a matter a fact, I found several gems that I have yet put ink to ( and more for another day).  It was fun to sit and forget about everything except for making pretty things!  The funny thing is, today I started my Christmas cards…lol…I know it’s August but time seems to slip away from me very quickly these days..lol.

I hope that everyone is having a great week, the weather has been lovely!!!

Thanks for peeking in!!!!


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